Monsieur Cocktail-Ginger Syrup (250 ml)

Monsieur Cocktail-Ginger Syrup (250 ml)


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Ginger is an anti-bacterial antioxidant and anti-nausia par nature. However, it is often too sweet and leaves an impression of old candy on the tongue.

The Ginger Syrup developed by Patrice offers you the natural spiciness of the ginger root, with the molasses flavouring from the brown sugar.

Use with soda, the syrup instantly turns into beer with ginger. You do not need to be a fan of ginger to be seduced by this syrup. Versatile, it is ideal in non-alcoholic lemonades, in cocktails with warm water for winter comfort or simply to enhance a tea or a hot chocolate. At each sip, tell yourself that you are taking care of your health!


Filtered water, sugar, fresh ginger, brown sugar.

Bottled in Quebec

Format of 250 ml

La Maison du Bar, the experts in bar accessories.

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